March 31, 2020
best travel apps to download before traveling

Best travel apps to download before traveling

Before leaving the home for traveling you must have these best free travel apps. This is the list of 17 apps for you which surely help on your trip. Enjoy trips without any problem by using these apps. Also, check the things to do before international travel.

For Accommodation:


app for accommodation

The best app for accommodation at any place in the world also offers the pay later and free cancelation on many hotels.

2. Couchsurfing

app for accommodation

If you want to stay with the locals download this app so you can do a homestay with the locals who are offering a place to stay with them.

For Flight Tickets:

3. Skyscanner

app for flight booking

You can book cheap flight tickets with the help of Skyscanner there everywhere search option is awesome just put your departure airport choose everywhere option it will show you the flights for the whole world.

4. Skiplagged

app for booking flights

Another cheap flight ticket booking app they will find the hidden city flights which are cheaper as compared to the famous city airports.

For Maps:

5. Google Maps

app for navigation

It helps you to find the best route for your destination it is the must-have app during traveling.


app for offline maps

No data, no worry navigate you offline where google maps stop working it is the backup for you.

For Transportation:

7. Uber

app for transportation

Uber works in most of the countries but before leaving check that it will work in that country which you are traveling.

8. Citymapper

app for public transport

Want to know efficient public transport for traveling in the city this app is best.

For Translation:

9. Google Translate

app for translation

When in foreign countries use this app to communicate with locals.

10. Duolingo

app to learn new language

Learn new languages with this app it has interactive games to make learning fun.

For Currency:

11. Xe Currency

app for currency rate

With this, you can check the current currency rate of that country in which you are planning to travel.

For Photos:

12. Lightroom

app for editing

The best app for editing your travel photos it can change anyone’s Instagram profile.

13. Snapseed

Best travel apps to download before traveling

This app is from Google it does fine-tune of your images.

For Texting&Calling:

14. Whatsapp

Best travel apps to download before traveling

With this stay connected with your near and dear ones but it works online only.

For Packing:

15. Packpoint

Best travel apps to download before traveling

It makes a list of things for packing according to your trip.

For Things to do:

16. Tripit

Best travel apps to download before traveling

This app help in organizing your travel plans and make a full itinerary of things do on a trip.

17. Google Trips

Best travel apps to download before traveling

It does travel reservations for you and makes an itinerary for your trip.

According to me, these are the best travel apps to download before traveling.

Which is your best travel app for traveling?

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